Oriental Medicine

Raw herbs, herbal capsules and acupuncture needles.

Oriental Medicine is a multi-faceted approach to health care and wellness that was developed more than 5,000 years ago in China. Modalities within the scope of Oriental Medicine include:

Oriental Medicine Diagnosis – holistic evaluation of the body and mind based on health history, pulse and tongue signs

Acupuncture – insertion of fine needled into the body at specific points

Tui-na – a push-and-pull type of massage

Cupping – therapeutic method of increasing circulation and removing toxins from the body

Qi Gong Therapy – Qi (energy) healing

Moxibustion – warming acupuncture points with a burning herb stick or cone

Herbal Medicine – custom prepared herbal prescriptions and teas

Nutritional Counseling – recommendations for optimizing health based on an individual’s unique constitution and metabolism

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